The Wrong Side of the Bed

2015.01.21Asher woke up on the wrong side of bed. He didn’t want to wear ANYTHING! He didn’t want to eat ANYTHING! He did not want to take Jackson to school! The important to thing to remember during a tantrum is just on the other side of nothing is EVERYTHING! Just on the other side of pushing me away is pulling me in. After dropping Jackson at school where the sign reads, “OUTSIDE”, Asher is sitting up on a stool at Boxcar warming his hands on a hot chocolate. A flower etched in the steam milk on top. “Dad, I am going to delete this!” On the other side of no is YES. We are walking in the morning snow. We are looking for the mountains that are hidden in a whiteout. I am holding Asher up against my face, and stop. I close my eyes. I feel his sweet cheek against mine in the cold. We look towards the mountains and say good morning to the mountains. “GOOD MORNING MOUNTAINS.”

Back at work, I am listening to Patti Smith while I write this: “I'll buy you a jet plane, baby get you on a higher plane to a jet stream And take you through the stratosphere And check out the planets there and then take you down deep Where it's hot, hot in Arabia, babia, then cool, cold fields of snow And we'll roll, dream, roll, dream, roll, roll, dream, dream When we dream it, when we dream it, when we dream it We'll dream it, dream it for free, free money”