Wuppertal - Inspiration & Sadness

Our whole trip was built around this performance, on May 24th in Wuppertal.  Viktor, an older piece of Pina Bausch.  Our first since she passed away last summer.   Morning bike ride in Amsterdam. Train to Cologne.  Train to Wuppertal.  Wonderful dinner sitting next to Wim Wenders.  Then into the Wuppertal Opera House.  The belly of the beast.  Front row balcony, hot night, no air conditioning. Felt the loss of Pina everywhere, especially in the staging with was in the depths of a huge grave with dirt being shoveled down onto the stage all night. Still there were dancers swinging out over the audience. Still there were those hands dancing, songs of accordions, songs with Fred Astaire. and a stage filled with old friends. Still water spit. We miss Pina and it is not the same.  Memories are a blur.  No pictures during the performance, please.