2015.10.15Several years ago Ziv Argov was working with Leaf medium format digital backs in Tel Aviv. Leaf called and asked if I would speak to the technicians about how their back was used in the real world. I said, "Sure, but only in person." I was trying to get a free trip to Israel from Leaf. Sure enough, they brought me over for ten amazing days. The scene everyone still talks about was when I was shooting at dawn with their $60K camera leaning out on a rusted pipe structure over the Dead Sea. All the Leaf employees were watching from shore as I teetered over water so salty that any contact with the camera would have made it instantly useless. Last night I reunited with Ziv and so many other friends at Phase One's ‪#‎standoutphotoforums‬ in LA as a featured speaker. I was asked too many times why I had not pushed the talk out on Facebook. Hmmmm.....is this the place people talk about their talks???!!