"The moment I became a Dad I was crying too hard to really see what was going on. Every day since I have taken pictures of my kids. Always wanting to remember the flood of moments that are precious beyond words through snapshots or small projects. Are there pictures for me? Are they for the kids? Are they for you to appreciate those moments in your own life? All of above. Sometimes I will thank my kids for indulging my obsession. I love my son's response, 'Dad! That is what the Lange family does!'."



Tim and Robin 

"I walked into Robin and Tim’s home in Venice, CA and they asked why I was there. I really had no idea what the pictures were going be like. We shot for two days - ending up on their roof in the clawfoot tub with both Tim and Robin naked. I had been hired by their daughter to do some pictures of her parents. There are so many stories that slip through the cracks - I was so happy to capture these for the family."





"Taking portraits is always a high wire act.  You meet a stranger and want to capture a feeling - how does that happen?

Being a photographer, I get to open doors to people’s lives I would never normally get to enter. I say to every subject who steps in front of my camera, “What we are doing is putting love out into the world.”  That idea, and every single experience I have ever had goes into every picture captured."