Photographer George Lange is building a library of pictures for Dicks Sporting Goods that shows the culture and emotional side of youth sports. He is traveling the country this summer, stopping in small towns and big cities and ballparks in the middle of nowhere. Dick’s is a big believer in the power of youth sports to build community and character - both in the parents and kids. George’s assignment will allow him to document the loud moments and the quiet ones; the emotions that accompany successes AND failures; the obsession with gear and the rituals that accompany it; the inside of packed cars and motel rooms when a team is on the road. He is looking for the moments we often see but rarely document - packing up gear and unloading cars, the subculture on the bench and in the dugouts, all that happens before the first pitch or taking off your cleats after a long tournament. Often these are the small moments that reveal the greatest passion.

If you know a kid/young person who plays a team sport, who is ALL IN and would be willing share that passion and be a part of our project, we would love to hear from you. Dick's Sporting Goods will push these images out on their social feeds, possibly use them in stores and throughout their media platforms. You can contact George directly at: studio@langestudio.com

If your child has been photographed for the Dick's Sporting Goods Project, please make sure to fill out an Athlete Release Form. No photographs will be used by Lange Studio or Dick's Sporting Goods without a release form. Please contact the studio with any questions you have about this process.