How Can I Hire George Lange?

Call: 917.608.2474 or Write:

How would you describe your style?

I have been told more than once that I photograph “joy.” It is the window I am knocking on. Sometimes joy is not about happiness, but it is always about living. I think my work is more about a “sensibility” than a “style.” I had an incredibly happy childhood, and sometimes I think my photographs are about a search my whole adult life for that place that made me happy as a child. My pictures are a search for that place we are all connected.

Which picture of yours is your favorite?

The next picture I take is my favorite. The next person I meet is the most amazing person I have ever met.

What kind of speaking experience do you have?

I have spoken on both large and small stages–from a TEDx talk in Boulder, CO and marketing events nationally and internationally for Instagram and FB to small venues such as bookstores and private events. I have done a TedX Boulder talk on how to appreciate your life in new ways through photography; spoken at Cannes Lions for Facebook in Cannes, France; presented an Ignite talk on my relationship with Glenn Beck; I have done PR (TV, Radio, Podcast, personal appearances) around my book, "The Unforgettable Photograph."

 You can see more specifics here on my Speaking Page.

Do you travel for shoots?

All the time.

Do you shoot family portraits?

I love taking a dive deep into the lives of individuals and families to discover the stories that get at their heartbeat, truly capturing a whole portrait. I create the images that become family heirlooms — objects of art that will be handed down through generations, born of the moment yet totally timeless.

Families hire photographers and say that they want a "journalistic style", but they put on clothes they rarely wear, go to a particular place and stand in a way they would never gather, turn on the camera ready smiles and quickly get the box checked for the annual portrait. That only captures what those family member look like at that moment in time. To truly capture a moment, what a relationship really holds, how we really live — that is rare and precious. And, yes, I do that.

Is it a different process if I want a video instead of photos?

In general, videos require much more in the way of pre and post production, but we will work with you to deliver whatever your project needs - video, stills or both.

What is a photo activation?

A photo activation is an interactive event, not just a photo shoot. An example of this would be at the 2016 Instagram event in Cannes, France. You can take a look at the photos from it here and our video here!

Can George give a talk with a photo component at my event?

Yes! Just contact our studio to book George.

Are there more ways to learn about your work?

You can take my class on Craftsy or check out my book, "The Unforgettable Photograph."