I know. I know. I know. I know…… For someone who grew up a proud liberal and spent his entire career avoiding Republicans – Glenn Beck? I can give you lots of stories of how I fought it, was kicking myself, pushed it away. Yet, in the end something happened….and it was not a change in my politics. It was an opportunity to collaborate with a subject who was totally open to every idea, and pushed me to be fearless, courageous and true to myself. A subject who kept his promises of support, loyalty and trust, and has never once asked me to change a single thing about myself or the work. When we started down this road, Glenn said, “if we trust each other, we can make art,” then gave me the best seat on the plane and unlimited access. In an email just last week, Glenn wrote this: “(I am building a company) where the artists WANT to create because they are free, encouraged and the craft is king. But also because no matter their philosophy politically, truth, integrity, honor and LOVE reigns. Those values are too often unclaimed all the while being OWNED by all men.” Glenn warned me about the risks of having a relationship with him and then putting this work out in the world. I don’t think of this work as political, although you could make the case otherwise. Glenn talks about me on the air, and his audience is well aware of my politics (which are far left of theirs) and not once have I not been embraced, opened up to, and trusted with their most intimate stories and access to their lives. In the end, I will take my licks and hope you see these pictures as part of a bigger story. It is about listening and about pushing yourself beyond your own orbit. It is about a creative collaboration with someone you never imagined wanting to know. It is about all I really think about anyhow – and that is finding the place we can all understand and love each other.