George Lange is not only an amazing photographer, but a proven inspirational speaker. His audiences leave his events motivated and looking at the world through a new lens. George teaches us all how to appreciate life in a new way, notice all the small details that add up to a big life. He speaks to a variety of audiences; from an intimate group of Instagram Influencers and food bloggers at a workshop in Napa Valley, to the employees at Facebook or the members of the Arthur Page Society.  From traditional talks to workshops to photo activation events, George brings his storied career, experience and infectious joy to everything he does. 


Email studio@langestudio.com to inquire about George's availability to speak at your next event.



"How do you photograph Trust?' An amazing open by photographer George Lange at the #RaganFacebook Leadership Communications Summit"

Natalie Mason


"This man has been such an important influence to me, since the moment I met him in 2010, and he continues to inspire me with every way he uses and talks about photography and celebrating being alive."

Jaclyn Silverman


"George gives so much of himself in the interview, he literally peels himself open to share his most intimate thoughts and feelings on life and photography."

Simon Boyle on TWIP podcast


George Lange's Facebook Live Colliding Content Interview at the 2017 Cannes Lions, Festival of Creativity.


Previous Speaking Events

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